ARM and Nvidia put pressure on x86 in servers

2012-Aug-01 | Tags: analysisnvidiaserverx86

Linux on ARMUK chip designer ARM has provided the processing for the smartphone revolution, creating hardware for handsets from manufacturers from Apple to ZTE, but now it wants a slice of the server market, too.

ARM is taking aim at the x86 slice of the server market, with the company claiming its low-power processors are better suited to the data centre than those from AMD and Intel.

British server manufacturer Boston recently released what it claimed to be the first ARM server to market, while ARM argues that changes in the software used by web giants could allow non-x86 hardware to threaten rival chip makers.

"The most significant thing is the way data centres are going," said Ian Ferguson, director of server systems at ARM. "With the Amazons and the Facebooks and their Chinese equivalents, there's been a shift in how the whole software ecosystem has been built out.


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Linux on ARM