15 Linaro OnAir Sessions about Android, Linux, Debugging and Software QA

2012-Aug-07 | Tags: developmentlearnlinaro

Linux on ARMLinaro has planned 15 virtual conferences between Monday, August 13 and Saturday, August 18, 2012. Those online events will deal with the work done at Linaro, including software optimization, software QA, Android and Linux kernel development, Open Embedded on ARMv8 and more. Those conferences are public and anybody can join. All times indicated below are GMT+07:00 (Bangkok), so you can either mentally convert the time (recommended), or click on the links below to get the date and time in your timezone.

Exploring The Performance Impact of PGO and LTO on ARM- Mon, August 13, 5:00 PMAbstract: Profile guided and linked time optimisation (PGO and LTO) are two of GCC's cross program optimisations that should improve both the startup and runtime of typical programs.  We know that they basically work on ARM but don't know the potential speed up or the work involved in proper support. This session will cover the planning and investigation needed before starting on PGO or LTO:

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