ARM makes its attack on the server market official


Linux on ARMARM Holdings has officially acknowledged its plans to take on Intel in the server market. However, CEO Warren East is quoted as adding that ARM licensees won't begin to erode Intel's market share until 2014.

As Intel pushes to expand its technology into the rapidly growing mobile device space, officials with ARM Holdings -- whose chip designs dominate the smartphone market -- are countering by saying they plan to take on Intel in the server arena.In an interview with Bloomberg News Dec. 13, ARM CEO Warren East (right) said that his company's chip designs will help drive up the energy efficiency of data center systems, and that server makers "are actively considering ARM architectures.'

However, that will take time, East said, predicting that ARM won't start to eat into Intel's dominant server market share until 2014 or so. Intel currently owns more than 90 percent of the overall server market.

"We don't want to raise expectations that next year there are going to be a lot of ARM servers," he said. "Of course, there aren't."

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Linux on ARM