Codethink announced its first generation high-performance power-efficient ARM server, the Baserock™ Slab

2012-Aug-20 | Tags: debianembeddedfedoraserverubuntu

Linux on ARMThe Baserock™ Slab is a multi-processor server featuring 8 quad-core ARMv7-A CPUs running at 1.33GHz and an on-board high-speed network switch fabric with 5Gbit/s between the CPUs and 2x10Gbit/s external. Each compute node gets additional performance with its own dedicated low-latency mSATA solid state drive.

The Slab is designed to deliver the energy efficiency benefits and high processor density of ARM® high-performance processors, integrated in a single 1U half-depth chassis. This new server is especially suited to Linux-based applications such as:

  • appliance servers
  • power-efficient cloud/data centre operations
  • build infrastructure for projects with embedded Linux ARM® targets

Compatible Software

  • Baserock Embedded Linux
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu (planned)
  • Fedora (planned)

Baserock Slab ARM Server

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Linux on ARM