Compiling the Linux kernel for BeagleBoard-XM

2012-Aug-29 | Tags: COMdevelopmentkernel

Linux on ARMFirst of all, this post is not about building an Angstrom distribution (Linux OS that is known to run well on embedded devices) from scratch. This about compiling a Linux kernel source which you can boot from using your Angstrom distro. I'm assuming that you already have a working Angstrom MMC with you. I used the one that came along with the BeagleBoard XM, pre-installed with Angstrom.

Before getting started, a few words regarding how the MicroSD card is structured. It has two partitions on it. A FAT partition and an ext partition. The FAT partition contains 4 files namely MLO, u-boot.bin, uEnv.txt and UIMAGE. The ext partition contains the root directory of the distribution. That means it contains '/'.


The BeagleBoard boots from the Linux kernel within the /boot/ directory of the ext partition. That directory will contain a symbolic link called uImage which we will point to the kernel image we want the BB-XM to boot to.

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Linux on ARM