Torvalds touts Linux's advances in power, ARM and cell phones

2012-Aug-30 | Tags: analysissmartphone

Linux on ARMSummary: Linux founder Linus Torvalds, the founder and lead developer of Linux, has always been a man of few words and yesterday at LinuxCon 2012 he was no different. Still, the Linux creator hailed advances the kernel has made in the way of ARM support and power management, its progress on the cell phone front, and the fact that the kernel group has maintained its independence from manufacturers.

Linus Torvalds rarely appears in public these days, and has little to say when he does.

"There's nothing interesting about me," Torvalds asked, when asked along with his fellow panelists to name something interesting about himself that no one knows. "I'm in a bathrobe reading email. I read email and answers and merge code written by others."

His appearance at LinuxCon 2012 in San Diego yesterday was no different, but he did reveal a few interesting factoids after being questioned by the audience.

The Linux 4.X kernel probably won't appear for another three years.

"We are definitely not going to go to the mid 30s ... we'll do 4.0 in three years when sub numbers have grown into the 20s and our feeble brains can't handle it."

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Linux on ARM