IPFire 2.11 available on ARM


Linux on ARMThe IPFire project is proud to announce the availability of an ARM port of IPFire 2.11. - A team of developers has been working on an ARM port of IPFire for the past few weeks and is now proud to announce the first beta release of IPFire 2.11 on ARM.

Why is ARM such an ideal platform for IPFire?

IPFire is small and well-known firewall distribution that has very few requirements on the hardware. It is so tiny that it fits on a small microSD card but can be enhanced by additional software depending on the network requirements and the power of the hardware. That means that a very small board is sufficient for a basic but secure router and VPN gateway. If there is more performance available, you can have Intrusion Detection, content filtering and many additional services.

In our society, environmental pollution has become more of a concern in our daily lives. We run a lot of devices continuously, in our homes and offices, and excessive power consumption is important to the environment, and our money. With the right combination of hardware and software, we are able to decrease our impact on the environment while still maintaining the features needed in todays networks. The team at IPFire seek minimum environmental impact and maximum features as one of our goals.

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Linux on ARM