LPC videos on Linux & UEFI, ARM and ACPI 5.0

2012-Sep-18 | Tags: analysiscompatibilitydevelopmentlearn

Linux on ARMThe organisers of the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) 2012, which was held at the end of August in San Diego, have released videos, notes and presentation slides from the conference presentations. The talks are primarily concerned with Linux software that deals with the interaction between hardware and the user interface.

Red Hat's Matthew Garrett, for example, gave a talk entitled "Plumbing UEFI into Linux" on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) which is currently supplanting the traditional BIOS on laptop motherboards. Intel's Harry Hsiung goes into even more detail in his two part "UEFI tutorial" (1, 2). Both presentations also discuss details of Linux support for UEFI Secure Boot, currently under development.

Videos of the presentations "Byte Queue Limits" and "CoDel and FQ CoDel, fighting the delays" deal with changes merged into Linux 3.3 and Linux 3.5, respectively, aimed at preventing bufferbloat, a term used for problems such as high network latencies and disrupted connections caused by too much buffering during data transfers. Kernel developer Arnd Bergmann's "Status of ARM" presentation provides an overview of the latest developments in the code for ARM systems in the Linux kernel and details of the ongoing work to tidy up this code. In his presentation,

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Linux on ARM