Arch Linux ARM - New armv6h repo and RPi image

2012-Sep-19 | Tags: archraspberrypivia

Linux on ARMToday we are opening the new armv6 hard-float repositories to the public, with all packages built to support the VFP floating-point unit available in the Raspberry Pi and Via APC-IO. Because there is no upgrade path between the armv5 soft-float repository and the new armv6h repository, we have also released a new installation image for the Raspberry Pi.

The link to the image is available on the Installation page for the Pi on our main site. This image is also set up for systemd instead of sysvinit and initscripts, so boot times are faster and the installation is future-proofed for changes that are eventually becoming permanent in Arch.

Remember, this is a new package repository so there may be broken packages. If you find packages that are truly broken, please create an issue on our PKGBUILDs repository on GitHub with as much information as you are capable of providing. As always, usage issues should remain in the forum.

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Linux on ARM