Fedora ARM vs. Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi: Benchmarks

2012-Sep-28 | Tags: benchmarkfedoraraspberrypiversus

Linux on ARMUsing the Fedora ARM remix on the raspberry Pi, I couldn't help but noticing how slow it was. I thought it was due to the Pi's weak hardware, but since I accidentally corrupted my root filesystem on the Pi, I decided to try Raspbian for  a change.

I was surprised to discover Raspbian seems way more responsive and, well, faster than Fedora, so I decided to investigate.

In this post I will benchmark Raspbian and Fedora ARM Raspberry Pi Remix using various benchmarking suits. The setup is a single Raspberry Pi (not overclocked), a class 10 SD card for the root filesystem, with the 240MB memory split (240MB for RAM, all the rest for the GPU that I don't use).

The first benchmark: sysbench CPU benchmark

On Raspbian:

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Linux on ARM