Linaro 12.09 Release with Kernel 3.6 and Android 4.1.1

2012-Sep-28 | Tags: kernellinaro

Linux on ARMLinaro release 12.09 has just been announced, and includes Linux Kernel 3.6-rc6 and Android Jelly Bean. This release provides further improvement to Android Jelly Bean, Android benchmark characterization,  an ARMv8 OpenEmbedded image, UEFI bootloader support for Vexpress, origen and pandabords, and some improvement to big.LITTLE and power management.

Here are the highlights of the release:

Developer Platform

  • Foundation for the ARMv8 OpenEmbedded porting mostly completed, with kernel and a very minimal rootfs already available for internal usage.
  • Kernel and test components were updated for the big.LITTLE project, based on the requirements for the 12.09 cycle.
  • Substantial progress on the Debian/Ubuntu Perl and Python multi-arch/cross-build support, with enough data to be used and supported during the ARMv8 Debian/Ubuntu bootstrap.
  • Hwpacks for Vexpress, Origen and PandaBoard now also include the support for UEFI, which can be selected while flashing the image with linaro-media-tools.
  • Linux Linaro tree updated with the latest kernel development topics provided by Linaro (including big.LITTLE MP), and also against the 3.6-rc6 upstream snapshot.


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Linux on ARM