Raspberry Pi To Spur The ARM Server Revolution

2012-Oct-02 | Tags: analysisfedoraraspberrypiserver

Linux on ARMHow could the humble Raspberry Pi help get more ARM servers in data centres? Chris Tyler, one of the people behind Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix, shares his thoughts - For over a year, a small group of researchers from Seneca College's Centre for the Development of Open Technology in Toronto has been working to adapt the popular Fedora Linux distribution to run on Raspberry Pi.

This distribution is one of the select few that can run on the tiny board without further modifications, and was officially recommended by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

However, the primary focus of the college has been to prepare Linux software for the inevitable arrival of the ARM architecture in data centres.

We had a chat with Chris Tyler, Seneca College's industrial research chair for open source technology for emerging platforms, to discuss the work his team did for Raspberry Pi and how the group's efforts on the system could help spur on the growth of ARM-based servers in the data centre, as well as future releases of the Fedora OS.

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Linux on ARM