X86 on ARM Emulator to Reach 80% Efficiency in 2 Years

2012-Oct-03 | Tags: analysisemulationvirtualizationx86

Linux on ARMElbrus Technologies, an American company founded by a Russian software development team has announced that they are working on a special x86 on ARM emulator that will allow existing Windows software to run on ARM servers and computers without any need to modify, optimize or recode the used program.

Porting programs is a really complex operation and the results obtained are often less than perfect as the program can be made compatible with a different hardware architecture, but the same performance is rarely achieved.

An improvement of performance is even less common.

What Elbrus Technologies is currently offering is an emulator that will run any of your x86 applications on an ARM computer with roughly 40% of the performance you'll get from a completely ARM optimized version of that software.

Porting and optimizing software is a costly and complicated affair.

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Linux on ARM