With Linux kernel 3.7 one build will support many ARM SoCs

2012-Oct-05 | Tags: SoCcompatibilitydevelopmentkernel

Linux on ARMA recent code commit has revealed an interesting feature in the upcoming Linux kernel 3.7 that will allow it to support multiple ARM platforms out of the box. This brings ARM more in line with x86 builds where multiple processors are supported on a single kernel build.

Previous kernels needed to be built for each ARM platform, but going forward development will move towards a "multiplatform" design where all the various ARM System on a Chip (SoC) processors are supported by a single kernel. The 3.7 kernel specifically brings support for a number of ARM SoCs including Calxeda's Highbank server chips, CoreTile Express SoCs (used in Versatile Express development systems), Altera's SoC FPGA chips that combine a dual core A9 with FPGA circuitry, and Picochip's PicoXcell SoCs (used in femtocells). Version 3.7 will even support the Wii Balance board.

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Linux on ARM