Linux Kernel 3.7 flexes its ARM muscles

2012-Oct-08 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopmentkernel

Linux on ARMTakeaway: With the Linux 3.7 kernel some major changes are in order. In particular, the support for ARM technology has arrived. Jack Wallen pontificates on what this could mean for the open source platform on multiple levels.

I get a lot of questions regarding the status of Linux on tablets, mobile devices, and other platforms running ARM processors. Most end users and consumers simply want to know if/when Linux would ever find its way onto the "system on a chip" architecture.

Linux on ARM

The reason we haven't seen Linux on these devices is simple: supporting the various ARM processor derivatives has become almost impossible to manage. The developers of the Linux kernel were looking at over 70,000 lines of new code for each new kernel release for ARM technology, versus roughly 5,000 lines of new code for x86 technology.

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Linux on ARM