Penguin builds ARM-based Linux server on Calxeda SoCs

2012-Oct-18 | Tags: SoCcalxedaserver

Linux on ARMPenguin Computing launched an ARM-based server for scale-out architectures, using Calxeda's System-on-Chip (SoC) server nodes.

Pitching it as a low-power, high-density solution, Fremont, California-based Penguin said its Ultimate Data X1 (UDX1) system was ideal for I/O bound workloads, such as analytics and cloud storage. Built on Calxeda's ARM-based EnergyCore SoCs, UDX1 offers a power envelope of five watts per four-core node.

Penguin CEO Charles Wuischpard said typical cloud-computing, Web 2.0 and Big Data applications were based on scale-out architectures and needed new generation high-density energy-efficient servers to ensure the data centers that house them can handle the power and cooling load.

"With the incredibly low power envelope and the extremely high density Calxeda's EnergyCore SoCs offer, the UDX1 is the ideal platform for running these types of workloads," he said.

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Linux on ARM