Samsung’s ARM-powered Chromebook can run Ubuntu

2012-Oct-22 | Tags: chromebooklaptopsamsungubuntu

Linux on ARMJust days after Google introduced the new Samsung Chromebook, a Google developer has figured out how to run Ubuntu on the $249 laptop.

Samsung's latest Chromebook is the first model to feature an ARM-based processor. It's also one of the first devices to hit the market with a chip based on the new ARM Cortex-A15 design. But since Ubuntu (and many other Linux-based operating systems) already support ARM Architecture, it's not that difficult to get the Chromebook to run a different operating system.

Samsung’s ARM-powered Chromebook can run Ubuntu

At this point, the Samsung Chromebook doesn’t run Ubuntu quite as well. Developer Olof Johansson figured out how to get Ubuntu up and running on the ARM-based Chromebook, but he reports that the trackpad isn’t working perfectly yet.

But the good news is that you don’t need to replace Chrome OS to run Ubuntu. You can write an Ubuntu image to an SD card and boot the Chromebook from a removable storage card.

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Linux on ARM