X86/ARM Emulator

2012-Oct-24 | Tags: developmentemulationlearnx86

Android-x86A quick search reveals that the WWW holds a vast array of material and tools classed as emulators, virtual machines and interpreters. These range from the highly sophisticated to simple academic exercises. If you narrow your search and look for X86 assembler emulators, you will find commercial DOS emulators, Basic language tools, Java utilities such as Jasmin, and a CodeProject article, ASM.net X86, amongst others.

Another large class of related tools are standalone X86 debuggers and disassemblers, which can be used both to step through code fragments and examine generated machine code statically or on the fly. This article offers something different. A Visual Studio Express based solution, written using C++ and assembler, that allows the user to write and execute X86, X86/64 and ARM assembler line by line as easily as using a text editor. As code is only emulated, errors are trapped and reported within the program without any wider impact.


This article is not aimed at expert readers or professional application, but rather those seeking to develop their knowledge of C++ and assembler used in the .NET environment, or who like idea of such a tool for some anorak fun. For convenience, I have chosen to use and provide materials based on Visual Studio Express 2012 running under Windows 7 64bit (executables are X86 32 bit). My objective at the outset was to learn how to use Visual C++ to write multiform applications, to learn X86 assembler, and how to combine both of these to produce a single executable...

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