ARM ChrUbuntu 12.04 Alpha brings Ubuntu to the Samsung Chromebook

2012-Oct-30 | Tags: chromebookdevelopmentnetbookubuntu

Linux on ARMIt’s no secret that you can run Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, or other Linux-based software on the new $249 Samsung Chromebook. But now one of the first operating systems designed specifically for the ARM-based laptop is available… or at least an early build is available.

ARM ChrUbuntu 12.04 is a port of Ubuntu 12.04 designed to run on the Samsung Chromebook.

The operating system comes from the same developer who ported Ubuntu to run on Intel-powered Chromebooks earlier this year.

Samsung Chromebook

At this point the ARM version is still in the early stages. Audio doesn’t work. The touchpad can be difficult to use. There’s no hardware-accelerated graphics yet. And since there’s no Chrome browser for Linux-on-ARM yet, you’ll need to install Chromium instead.

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Linux on ARM