Using the $249 Samsung Chromebook as a Linux notebook

2012-Oct-30 | Tags: chromebooklaptopother_linuxsamsungsuse

Linux on ARMSamsung's $249 Chromebook is a notebook designed to run Google Chrome OS. But that's not the only operating system that the laptop can run. We've already seen Ubuntu installed on the new Chromebook... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

ARM employee Andrew Wafaa has ported openSUSE to run on the Samsung Chromebook. And here’s a little secret: Chrome OS is actually based on Linux. Blogger George McBay has posted a guide for accessing some of the underlying features and installing software without affecting the Chrome OS user experience.

Samsung Chromebook

For instance, you can bring up a Linux terminal and install the Go programming language or other software. Under the hood the new Chromebook is running a specialized version of Gentoo Linux.

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Linux on ARM