PengPod raises more than $50,000, plans to ship Linux powered tablets soon

2012-Dec-02 | Tags: tabletubuntu

Linux on ARMPengPod plans to start shipping 7 and 10 inch tablets with support for Linux as well as Google Android in January. The company, founded by Neal Peacock, has been raising money to help support software development for the tablets -- and Peacock just wrote in to let us know the project has surpassed its initial $49,000 fundraising goal.

In other words, the campaign will be fully funded and backers that pledged $120 or more should get their tablets starting in January if all goes according to plan.

The PengPod 700 and PengPod 1000 tablets are both powered by Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processors. That's the same chip found in the MK802 Android mini PC, and we already know how simple it is to get Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux-based operating systems up and running on that hardware.

Peacock has been raising money to help develop software that fully supports the hardware though, with working cameras, motion sensors, and other features.

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Linux on ARM