Now you can install Ubuntu on the UG802, MK802 III, or other RK3066 mini PCs

2012-Dec-03 | Tags: COMdevelopmentmk802ubuntu

Linux on ARMDeveloper AndrewDB has been working to get Ubuntu Linux up and running on inexpensive mini computers with Rockchip RK3066 processors for the last few weeks. Now he's released pre-alpha builds of Ubuntu 12.10 which you can install on the UG802, MK802 III, or MK808 mini computers.

These are all tiny PCs or TV sticks that sell for less than $100, and which are designed to be plugged into a TV or monitor to let you run Android apps on a big screen. But while they ship with Android, as AndrewDB is showing, they can also run a desktop Linux operating system.

That means you can use these PC-on-a-stick devices for a variety of purposes. You can treat it like an inexpensive (and probably kind of sluggish) desktop computer for web browsing, editing documents, or even multimedia.

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Linux on ARM