Running Ubuntu in Android with ODROID-X Development Board

2012-Dec-13 | Tags: androiddevelopmentubuntu

linux on ARMI’ve had several people asking me about running Linux on Android in the last few months, but I did not look into it into details, because I thought we would just be able to run server apps. That is until Rohith left a comment on CNX Software Facebook timeline, that it’s possible to run Linux in Android, and access the user interface via VNC (sort of simple, but I did not think of it).

You probably need at least 1GB of memory and a multi-core processor to run this sort of setup correctly, so I finally decided to give it a try by running Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity interface in ODROID-X development board.

I mainly followed the instructions available at and inside the Android app. Most of the steps I followed can also be replicated on other rooted Android hardware platforms. Apart from Ubuntu 10.04 & 12.04, you can also install Debian and Backtrack distributions.

Updating Android, rooting and installing the Play Store on ODROID-X

Since I hadn’t used the board since August, I decided to update Android to the latest version. This step is optional, and if you’re using another device, you can completely skip this section. I’m using an eMMC with my board, if you want to boot from SD card, following the instructions on hardkernel forums.

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Linux on ARM