The Future of Linux on ARM Shines in the 3.7 Kernel

2012-Dec-14 | Tags: 64bitdevelopmentkernellinaro

Linux on ARMThe 3.7 Linux Kernel which was released earlier this week, includes many innovative new ARM focused features such as multi-platform, ARMv8(64-bit) and Xen in ARM support.

ARM multi-platform support

ARM multi-platform support adds the ability to build a single ARM kernel image which is able to boot multiple platforms.  While not the primary goal of the Linaro kernel consolidation program, a single zImage from Linaro was demonstrated at Demo Friday during the Linaro Connect Europe 2012 (LCE12) event in Copenhagen at the beginning of November by members of the Linaro Kernel Team, and highlights the progress which Linaro has made in regards to its kernel consolidation program.  This consolidation effort is what makes the single kernel binary possible. "A single zImage is a key ingredient for Server and as such is important to the Linaro Engineering Group (LEG)." added David Rusling, Linaro CTO.

Mark Orvek, Director for the Kernel Working Group at Linaro also made reference to this single zImage kernel in a video interview at this same event.  "The ability to boot a single kernel on multiple hardware platforms within one SoC family has been available for a few years; however, what is now being added is the ability to boot a single kernel image across some of the SoC families that used to be mutually exclusive," added  Arnd Bergmann, Upstream Kernel Engineer at Linaro.

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Linux on ARM