SliTaz armhf: 46MB Linux Distribution for Raspberry Pi

2012-Dec-15 | Tags: other_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMSliTaz armhf is a minimal Linux distribution based on SliTaz Linux, that uses the hard-float ABI for the Raspberry Pi. The compressed SD card image is 46M, the rootfs 18.6 MB, and Slitaz uses just about 7 MB RAM after boot.

Slitaz armhf rootfs comes pre-loaded with the following packages:

  • busybox 1.20.2
  • dropbear 2012.55 – Light SSH client and server.
  • nano 2.2.6 – GNU Nano Text Editor.
  • retawq 0.2.6c -  Text mode Web browser.
  • tazpkg 5.0 – SliTaz packages manager (Tiny autonomous zone packages manager).
  • ytree 1.97 – file manager for file and archives.

Slitaz armhf comes with tazpkg package manager which allows to install packages just like you would do with apt-get in Raspbian. There are over 3,300 packages available for Slitaz (x86), and for now, over 250 packages are available for Slitaz armhf.


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Linux on ARM