ARM-powered Ubuntu 'Webbook" Launches in South Africa

2011-Oct-20 | Tags: laptopnetbookubuntu

Linux on ARMVodafone officially launches its Ubuntu-based netbook in South Africa today, which will be distributed by local telco Vodacom. - Netbooks might not be everyone's cup of tea. However, when you're targeting a market that has poor access to any form of computing device, netbooks are a good balance between the practicality of a larger laptop and achieving the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

Add a free (as in freedom and beer) operating system into the mix which has been tested and tweaked for the hardware and what do you come up with? The Vodafone Webbook.

The specs for this machine aren't going to blow you away. It's a standard 10.1" netbook form factor weighing in at a feathery 2.14 lb (0.97 kg), including the 2200 mAh battery. With a mere 512MB of DDR2 RAM and 4GB of flash storage, users of the Webbook won't be running any intensive applications or storing their entire family photo album...

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Linux on ARM