Piglit OpenGL Driver Testing Framework Now Works with ARM Linux & OpenGL ES

2013-Jan-10 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopmentdriver

Linux on ARMPiglit is a collection of automated tests for OpenGL implementations that aims at improving the quality of open source OpenGL drivers by providing developers with a simple means to perform regression tests.

ARM SoCs that come with a GPU usually (always?) supports OpenGL ES however. That's why, Tom Gall (Linaro) has modified Piglit in order to bring this test suite to ARM Linux and OpenGL ES. There are about 6,900 OpenGL tests in Piglit, and currently 1,047 Piglit (OpenGL ES) tests can run on ARM .

Tom also explains that piglit developers are now using waffle, a cross-platform C library that allows one to defer selection of GL API and window system until runtime. This will allow your to select the variation of the GL API (GL, GL ES) and windowing system (X11, Wayland...) you want to use at runtime.

The code is still heavily modified, but it's in the open, and you can try it yourself by following the instructions (native build) below.

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Linux on ARM