Crystalfontz CFA-10036 ARM9 Embedded Module Running Linux 3.7

2013-Jan-11 | Tags: COMembeddedfreescale

Linux on ARMCrystalfontz America, a supplier of LCD and OLED display modules used in embedded systems, has launched a Kickstarter campaignto fund manufacturing and lower the cost of a system-on-module powered by Freescale i.MX28 featuring a small 128×32 OLED display, and lots of GPIOs.

CFA-10037 board gives access to all the port pins of the CFA-10036 / Freescale i.MX28, and features Ethernet PHY and USB A connector, as well as a large prototype area which also includes a set of holes that line up with shields designed for an Arduino Uno R3. JTAG signals are also exposed for hardware-level debugging. Terminal access can be achieved via the microUSB port or a TTL to USB board connected to the Debug UART pins of CFA-10036 or CFA-10037.

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Linux on ARM