Quad-Core ARM Dual-Boot Tablet Runs Ubuntu and Android

2013-Jan-16 | Tags: androidtabletubuntu

Linux on ARMTablets wore off their novelty allure years ago, but there are still some ways to make them stand out, both among all other consumer electronics devices and amidst their peers. DaVinci Mobile just used one of those methods.

The Italian company has installed two operating systems on the Kite tablet, and they aren't even the ones people might expect.

Despite Windows 8 being the newest OS, and the first Windows version from Microsoft, it isn't the one accompanying Android here.

Instead, DaVinci Mobile chose Linux and, thus, turned the Kite into a dual-boot gadget running Android 4.0 or Ubuntu 12.04, depending on what owners want at the time.

One might be tempted to think the IT player is using dual-OS support as a means to offset lower-than-average hardware, but this is not the case.

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Linux on ARM