Linaro 13.01 released

2013-Feb-01 | Tags: linaro

Linux on ARMWe are pleased to announce the release of Linaro 13.01. With the first release of the calendar year, Linaro is happy to highlight the ingredients that make up the deliverables, again produced by Linaro Teams Working Groups, Enterprise Group, Landing Teams and Platform Teams . Linaro anticipates another great year of Linux on ARM development celebrating new members and producing some cutting edge advances.

The Developer Platform Team has enabled 64bit HipHop VM development in OpenEmbedded, continued to merge ARMv8 support into the OpenEmbedded platform and upstream, engaged initial support for the Arndale board and released Linux Linaro 3.8-rc4 2013.01.

For the Android team, it was a busy cycle. The initial changes to android-build page for the new build program have been done. They are finally moving towards consolidation of manifests: Origen and Versatile Express can now be synced and built from the same manifest. The Team is happy to announce linaro-android-tools which is directed towards kernel developers. The tool can be used to update kernel and initrd in Android without having to remove the SDcard...

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Linux on ARM