Raspberry Pi Part II: Raspbian Wheezy (with Setup Guide), Arch Linux ARM

2013-Feb-01 | Tags: archraspberrypi

Linux on ARMThis is the second installment in my series on Raspberry Pi. If you haven't worked with Raspberry Pi before, please read my article "The Raspberry Pi: Introduction and Required Hardware" to begin the series.

If you're reading this article you've got your hands on a Raspberry Pi, and you've got all the hardware you'll need to get yourself up and running. Unfortunately, until you've set up an operating system, you're not going to get a whole lot of use out of it! This article will outline two different popular operating systems for Raspberry Pi's, Arch Linux ARM and Raspbian "Wheezy," as well as go through a set-up guide for Raspbian.

Raspberry Pi

Operating System Comparison: Arch Linux ARM and Raspbian "Wheezy"

So, does it even make a difference as to which operating system you choose? In short, it depends. Depending on your skills and on your knowledge of Linux operating systems, the choice of operating system may not be an important one, but if you're new to this realm of development, then there are some things to consider.

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Linux on ARM