Wandboard Mini PC/Dev board now shipping: Supports Ubuntu, Android

2013-Feb-06 | Tags: COMandroidfreescaleubuntu

Linux on ARMThe Wandboard is a tiny computer or developer board with an ARM-based processor, a wide selection of ports for connecting peripherals, and support for both Google Android and Ubuntu Linux.

Unveiled last year, the Wandboard is one of the first devices of its type to feature a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 processor. It's now shipping for about $79 and up.

That's a little more expensive than the $69 starting price we were promised last year, but it's still not a lot of money for a developer board that can run Ubuntu Linux. Part of the reason for the price is likely because there are no US distributors at the moment — if you're ordering from a country that doesn't have a distributor, you'll have to get one from a European distributor.

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Linux on ARM