Linaro Takes an Active Role in Virtualization on ARM

2013-Feb-08 | Tags: linarovirtualization

Linux on ARMLinaro held a virtual KVM/QEMU Mini-Summit on the 4th and 6th of February. There were 17 attendees representing five companies all collaborating on the future of Virtualization on ARM.

In an email, to the linaro-dev mailing list, Serge Broslavsky, Project Manager on the Technical Management team at Linaro, noted that the main goal for the mini-summit was to synchronize on the current state of Virtualization and to plan the work which needs to be done in this area.

Day One - On the first day of the mini-summit included a discussion of the current status of the KVM on ARMv7 and ARMv8, IO Virtualization, virtio and IOMMU support code. The current process of maintainer-ship and a prioritized list of any outstanding tasks or development on v7 was reviewed.  The attendees also discussed what role Linaro could play in regards to development and testing.

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Linux on ARM