A Tegra 4 Chromebook Is in the Works, Could Be a Nexus Chromebook

2013-Feb-08 | Tags: chromebookdevelopmentnvidia

Linux on ARMWith all the, real, new Chromebooks coming out, there's also a surge in rumored ones. The Chromebook Pixel is most definitely a fake, though Google could be working on a more high-end device. However, it seems that there's also a Tegra 4-powered Chromebook in the works.

The Samsung Chromebook already uses an ARM processor, so a Tegra 4 in a Chromebook doesn't seem as far-fetched as it would have sounded a few months ago.

Google is already using Tegra 3 in its Nexus 7 and there's every indication that it will use the Tegra 4 in its second-generation Nexus 7 to be unveiled at Google I/O 2013 this May.

The Tegra 4 also promises to be a lot more powerful than the Samsung Exynos 5 used in the Samsung Chromebook. That's a good thing since the Exynos 5 is a bit too slow for Chrome OS.

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Linux on ARM