Installing Slackware ARM in Qemu

2013-Feb-10 | Tags: emulationinstallslackware

Linux on ARMARM, ARM and ARM. Everybody is using it - knowing or not knowing. So I decided to write a small tutorial about installing Slackware ARM in Qemu. For this tutorial I expect a few things:

  • you should be able to install Slackware
  • you should have worked with Qemu
  • you should know how Linux boots

I can not cover the above topics in this tutorial and I won't explain too much about them (if you want I can write something about them in different articles). So let's start!

First you need a kernel and a initrd. Both can be downloaded from You don't need to download every single file from! For this tutorial download only the files I mention.

Before you download anything create a directory where you can store all the files you need for this tutorial (I'll create the original directory structure in this article as needed):

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Linux on ARM