Benchmarking The Google Nexus With Ubuntu

2013-Feb-24 | Tags: benchmarktabletubuntu

Linux on ARMTests are running full-speed this weekend on benchmarking the performance of the brand new Ubuntu Touch/Tablet Developer Preview with the Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 devices. Here's a preview with some initial findings from performance testing these mobile ARM devices using Ubuntu Linux.

Within Ubuntu Touch/Tablet Is Using SurfaceFlinger on launch-day I already shared some initial facts about this mobile Ubuntu platform that's actually powered by Google's Android / CyanogenMod. I also shared My Favorite Command For Ubuntu Touch/Tablet. This mobile Ubuntu flavor basically has the Ubuntu user-land running within a chroot, so the command is basically entering this Ubuntu environment outside of Android and then being in a conventional Ubuntu environment. From this area is where the tests are being done.

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Linux on ARM