Linaro 13.02 Release is Now Available

2013-Feb-28 | Tags: linaro

Linux on ARMThe Linaro 13.02 release highlights the quality, effort and work of all the Linaro Teams – Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams – who have provided all the updates and new features that are integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu during this release cycle. The 13.02 cycle shows the reality of a dream and desire to unify, improve and build a better more effective future for Linux on ARM.

Linux on ARM is not a dream, but together–Linaro, its Members, Groups, and community–continue to make the visions of Linux on ARM a reality.

About this release:

The Linaro Engineering Group (LEG)  released Linaro UEFI 2013.02 which fixed several bugs targeting the Arndale boards. LEG also added ARM support to libhugetlbfs, merged into next branch–package is available from Linaro's Overlay PPA.

During this release cycle the LAVA Team converted the Linaro CI jobs to lava-test-shell, a black box style testing approach, and the Galaxy Nexus device is now deployed into the LAVA lab. The Linaro Android Team has set-up the ASOP master build for the Galxay Nexus.

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Linux on ARM