openSUSE ARM Hackathon: 8 – 12 April, 2013

2013-Apr-09 | Tags: developmentsuse

Linux on ARMThe openSUSE ARM community, through Andrew Wafaa, is proud to announce that the openSUSE ARM Hackathon event takes place these days, between 8 and 12 April 2013, at the SUSE offices in Nuremberg, as well as online for everyone else who cannot attend in person.

During the openSUSE ARM Hackathon, the developers have a to-do list with a few important things that require their full attention, such as AArch64 fixes for openSUSE 12.3 and openSUSE Factory, resolve outstanding openSUSE ARM 12.3 package issues, test and release openSUSE ARM 12.3 images, create OpenStack images for ARM, get Xen & KVM on Arndale and Chromebook running, and OBS improvements.

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Linux on ARM