Britain’s $25 computer is coming by Christmas

2011-Nov-02 | Tags: COMraspberrypivideo

Linux on ARMEarlier this year British games pioneer David Braben surprised many people with the first appearance of the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost, open source computer aimed at children that he was helping to develop.

Now, six months on from that initial blitz of publicity, he says that it's almost ready to go on sale for the first time. A finished version is due by the end of 2011, he told GigaOM, specifically aimed at programmers.

Raspberry Pi presents the $25 PC at ARM TechCon 2011 - YouTube

"It will be a small run of 10,000 machines given to developers in the hope that they will seed it with software," Braben explains. "Sometime next year we should be able to release the consumer version."

In and of itself, the device is pretty interesting. Inside a business card-sized case — they have moved away from the USB stick-style version that was previously shown — the computer acts as a hub for software and hardware.

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Linux on ARM