Red Hat Deploys ARM-Based Servers for Fedora Project

2013-May-15 | Tags: fedoraredhatserver

Linux on ARMThe efforts by ARM Holdings and its partners to get their low-power chips into the data center is getting a boost with the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project deploying a compute cluster based on servers from Boston Ltd. that are powered by Calxeda processors.

Calxeda and Boston officials announced the deployment May 15, calling it a proof-point for ARM-based production servers and for the ability to run Linux on the architecture.

“The Fedora Project team’s experience—from install to deployment to production—is a testament to compatibility of Linux code on Calxeda: it just works,” Karl Freund, vice president of marketing for Calxeda, said in a statement. “That is what data centers will expect and demand from ARM platforms, and we plan to deliver.”

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Linux on ARM