How to Install Linux on the Zealz GK802: A Quad Core A9 ARM on a Stick

2013-Jul-19 | Tags: howtoinstallmk802

Linux on ARMThe Zealz GK802 looks a bit like a long, over-wide USB pen drive. Under a removable clip at one end of the stick is a male HDMI connector ready to be plugged directly into a monitor or large TV. On the other end of the stick are two USB ports: a micro USB to supply power to the GK802 and a female USB connector to let you attach peripherals like a keyboard, mouse or hub. Being a small, contained stick with an HDMI connector the obvious use for the GK802 is consuming video media.

Inside the GK802 is a quad core Freescale i.MX 6 CPU at 1.2Ghz sporting 1GB of RAM and a Vivante GC2000 GPU. The GPU and video decoding acceleration of the GK802 are supported under Linux. Getting information to and from the GK802 is done over Wi-Fi and you can connect bluetooth devices to it in order to control the GK802.

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Linux on ARM