Universal ARM/x86 COM standard gets a boost

2013-Aug-30 | Tags: COMcompatibilitydevelopmentfreescalex86

Linux on ARMElectronics distributor Avnet has added Taiwan-based TechNexion’s computer-on-modules to its board-level embedded products portfolio. The deal raises the profile of TechNexion’s open EDM (Embedded Design Modules) standard that defines three COM sizes usable with both ARM and x86 CPUs, and which incidentally forms the computing core of the open hardware Wandboard SBC.

The EDM COM standard first popped up on our radar screen in March, when the open hardware Wandboard project announced first shipments of its Wandboard SBC. As it turns out, a close inspection of the Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 SoC-based Wandboard “SBC” shows it to be a two-board sandwich whose upper layer appears to be none other than TechNexion’s EDM1-CF-iMX6 COM (shown below-left).

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Linux on ARM