Consolidating Linux Power Management on ARM Multiprocessor Systems

2011-Nov-07 | Tags: SoClearnvideo

Linux on ARMThis talk highlights the effort, subtleties and details involved in creating a common Power Management (PM) framework for ARM SMP Linux kernel. Since different ARM System on Chips (SoCs) are implementing PM management hardware in custom ways, the kernel has to adapt the PM framework to HW needs.

This talk addresses the low-level details related to SMP power management on ARM SoCs and describes how ARM set out to achieve the challenging task of unifying code for single CPU /cluster shutdown inclusive of suspend/resume, hotplug and cpuidle. The presentation will focus on the efforts to unify power management code in the Linux kernel for different platforms and an implementation describing how the code can be used. Lorenzo is a developer eager to get questions from this technical audience. This topic is of paramount importance for the ARM Linux kernel. It is a common effort to merge power management code from many different platforms and consolidate it in the process.

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Linux on ARM