Linux Support for the ARM Large Physical Address Extensions

2011-Nov-07 | Tags: learnvideo

Linux on ARMToday even smaller companies run a complex IT infrastructure consisting of many interdependent services. The risk grows to damage the whole company by just crashing a single IT service. We address this scenario by a combination of virtualization and high availability in a cluster structure.

Though all the technologies like Xen, kvm, iSCSI, infiniband, drbd, lvm, heartbeat or pacemaker are part of a common linux distribution there are several issues how to put them all together. Other topics are how to set up a virtual network infrastructure, preinstalled virtual machines, backup and restore. Finally it's important to see what's going on at the machines (monitoring, vizualisation) and how you can control it. For this we use a set of scripts (the LAX project) which automate many of the very basic tasks the administrator otherwise would do manually.

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Linux on ARM