Combining the Linux Device Tree and Kernel Image for ARM

2013-Oct-10 | Tags: developmentkernelvirtualization

Linux on ARMBack in 2010, I wrote two articles about a SystemC model used to load the Linux kernel and its various artifacts into memory for ARM virtual platforms. The first was A SystemC TLM 2.0 ARM Linux Boot Loader and the second was More on the SystemC ARM Linux Boot Loader. At the time I covered the kernel, Linux kernel command line, and RAM-based file system.

Not too long after those articles most ARM systems started using the Linux Device Tree. The Device Tree takes the place of the kernel command line, but does much more by providing information about the hardware that is present in the system. This creates a separation between the kernel source code and the hardware such that the list of hardware can be modified without requiring the entire kernel to be modified. This is a very nice feature for virtual platform developers as it is often possible to just remove hardware descriptions from the device tree as the models are being developed, or if they have problems.

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Linux on ARM