Compact box-PCs take Linux to extremes

2013-Nov-05 | Tags: embeddedfreescale

Linux on ARMAxiomtek released two rugged, Linux-ready box computers with IP40 compliance, anti-vibration support, and extended temperature ranges. The tiny rBOX610 is a din-rail computer built around a Freescale ARM9-based i.MX287 processor, featuring CAN buses and isolated Fast Ethernet ports, while the eBOX660-872-FL offers 3rd generation Intel Core processors, four gig-Ethernet ports, and dual display support.

Rugged industrial environments need a wide variety of embedded computers, ranging from modest, power-sipping devices to powerful multi-core systems. Axiomtek aims to cover all the bases, with two new systems that book-end either extreme. The “cost effective” rBOX610 runs on an ARM9 Freescale i.MX287 processor and is designed for “extreme operating environment, industrial automation applications, wireless personal residential metering, and more.” At the other extreme, the eBOX660-872-FL supports Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” generation of Core processors, ranging up to Core i7 models with multiple, multi-gigahertz cores.

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Linux on ARM