Super Tiny Computer Puts Android on Your TV, Laptop

2011-Nov-21 | Tags: COMraspberrypiubuntuvideo

Linux on ARMEarly this year we got to see, through ARM-powered devices such as the Motorola Atrix, that it doesn't take even a netbook to run basic computing functions. At a live demonstration in New York City, FXI Technologies showed off the next evolution of that idea: an ARM-based computer on a USB stick without any of that extra smartphone or tablet baggage.

FXI calls its prototype device "Cotton Candy," which can turn any HDMI-enabled display into a smart TV that's able to browse the web thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and run apps such as YouTube and Netflix. The device can even store data, including videos, locally through an expandable microSD slot up to 64GB. Input comes from Bluetooth devices. The prototype model that was on display through a 42-inch HDTV was running Android 2.3, but it will be able to run an ARM version of Ubuntu.


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Linux on ARM