Linux-enabled kit targets custom SoC developers

2013-Nov-24 | Tags: SoCembedded

Linux on ARMFaraday Technology has begun shipping a system-on-chip dev kit aimed at developers of custom SoCs. The “SoCreative! IV” kit’s baseboard is built around Faraday’s A380 SoC, which boasts a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, a Faraday-developed RISC core, and a high speed expansion bus for interfacing with FPGA daughtercards, and comes with Linux 3.3 and Android 4.x BSPs.

This is Faraday’s fourth SoCreative! evaluation platform, combining its FA6x RISC cores with ARM microcontroller and processor cores, and its first Cortex-A9-based version. The A380 SoC at the heart of the platform is built with a 40nm LP (low power) process. It’s designed for the “cloud infrastructure” market, including networking, computing, and storage applications, says longtime fabless chip vendor Faraday.

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Linux on ARM