Our Linux kernel for ARM now weighs in at a mere 20.000 lines

2011-Nov-23 | Tags: linaro

Linux on ARMA few weeks ago, I had a closer look at how the ARM sub-architectures of the Linux Kernel have developed since the consolidation effort in the Linaro community started. It was quite an eye-opener for us in the ST-Ericsson Linux team, although everything didn't come as a surprise.

Since we started the development of our ARM sub-architectures (in arch/arm/*), we have been particularly careful when implementing and adding new functionality to the code base. Comparing the code size of our ARM sub-architectures with the code size of other vendors revealed some significant differences: While most major vendors have source code sets that average between 60.000 and 140.000 lines the ST-Ericsson code is only some 20.000 lines.

Does this mean that we are lagging behind functionality-wise? No. Quite the contrary in fact. This is a direct result of fully anticipating the kernel consolidation guidelines from Linaro and following these consistently.

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Linux on ARM