Linaro 11.11 Released

2011-Nov-25 | Tags: SoCandroidlinaroubuntu

Linux on ARMThe Linaro Team is pleased to announce the release of Linaro 11.11, another of Linaro's releases delivered on a monthly cadence.This release includes components delivered by all Linaro Teams: Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams. Some outstanding effort has gone into delivering a lot of exciting updates and features integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu.

Up to now, this reads like a normal monthly release announcement, but wasn't there something special??? Yes!

We had Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the world this month and the Android Team worked hard to deliver a sneak preview of early alpha ICS images for our 4 primary development targets!

The Release Team notes that this is a remarkable achievement and congratulates the Linaro Android Team for this effort that showed how agile that team is set up to accommodate engineering plan mid-month and get these builds up and out within 10 days. Check out our ICS running on Snowball. Video available on youtube:

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Linux on ARM